Charitable Support

Every purchase of my photography and photography services goes towards supporting charitable causes. Specifically, I will donate 10% of my annual proceeds to The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation and 10% of my annual proceeds to the Munising Bay Trail Network.


Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation

In 2010 my father was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma (pr.: “co-lan-geo-car-sin-oma”), a quickly progressing cancer of the bile duct, to which he succumbed only a short few months after diagnosis.

The rapid progression of my father’s cancer is not uncommon for those diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma. It is considered to be an incurable and rapidly lethal disease unless all the related tumors can be fully resected. Even with such surgeries being successful, the 5-year survival rate for this cancer remains below 50%. While this form of cancer remains “rare” in developed nations, in recent years the incidence rate in such countries (i.e., the United States) appears to have been increasing.

Observing, firsthand, the rapid progression of an incurable cancer is something that has had a profound and lasting effect on my life, which makes the work of the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation, promoting collaboration, understanding, research, and education about this disease, extremely important to me.

Learn more about The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation here and about bile duct cancer, in general, here.

Munising Bay Trail Network

The Munising Bay Trail Network is a trail system in and around Munising, MI. The mission of the organization which built and maintains the trail network is to “create a non-motorized, multi-use trail system that provides a place to experience mountain biking, hiking, snowshoeing, and trail running in a natural environment…”. The current network of approximately 60 miles of trails incorporate areas of Hiawatha National Forest and Grand Island National Recreation Area, which provide me with wonderful places to enjoy the outdoors and to practice my photography.

Learn more about the Munising Bay Trail Network here , Hiawatha National Forest here, and Grand Island National Recreation Area here.

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A Passport and A Past Life Exhibit Support - July 2019

Copper Country Community Arts Center


The Copper Country Community Arts Center is a multifaceted arts organization that owns and operates an arts center with a large sales gallery representing local and regional artists, exhibition galleries, classroom, and letterpress studio. The CCCAC provides opportunities for residents and visitors of all ages to experience art and art making. During the month of July 2019, the CCCAC is hosting my exhibit “A Passport and A Past Life.” During the exhibit, 40% of all sales from the exhibit or from my website will be donated to the CCCAC in support of their effort to promote the arts for the community.

Learn more about the Copper Country Community Arts Center here.